Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Hey there, we had a really good weekend over here in NC. On Friday, we got to hang out with some of our best friends. They are moving to Colorado in August and we are pretty sad about it because they have been our best friends here since we moved here 2 years ago. At least we have a few more months with them! Military families move around often and we are leaving too next year but I have a feeling that we will know them for life. Tear. 
Anyways, on Saturday we went out to dinner with on our Clark’s friends and we met his girlfriend who is moving down here in the fall. We ate pizza at Mellow Mushroom and watched the new movie Spy. It was actually really funny. Clark is a big fan of Jason Statham and he is in it and Melissa McCarty is hilarious, (I think). 
I wore this outfit on Friday, I know it’s June in North Carolina but Friday evening was in the low 70s so this cardigan definitely wasn’t warm. It’s pretty light weight as well, I got it at Target on sale for $6. I bought a few things and they were all wintery items. Two sweaters, some jogger sweats, and a coat. All on sale but I felt a little out of place buying winter items in June. But you know, I can’t pass up a great deal. Nor should I ! haha 
love, Carlee 
Cardigan & Shorts: Target
Tank: Marshalls
Sunglasses & Bag: TJ Maxx

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  1. Pink really suits you so much!!! Plus you got it as a bargain, you totally win on this one.

    Megan || www.ohheyblog.com


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