Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tropical Stripes

Last week was a busy one. Clark and I had our levy brief on Thursday. The levy brief is for our move to Italy next summer for Clark’s new duty station. There is actually quite a lot of stuff that we have to do. Papers that we need to get signed, medical wavers & screenings. I have to get my official government passport to travel with Clark on military orders. We got that process started as well which is going to take a while. Needless to say I had a major headache afterward! But I am glad that we are getting a jump start on this whole process. One woman that was their, only at 43 days to get all her stuff done and out process. I am really glad that is not us.
We had a lot of fun this past weekend. We had game night at our friends house and grilled up burgers and hotdogs. The girls beat the guys at Cranium twice ( no surprise haha ). We have been so lucky to make some really good friends here! 
This outfit was perfect for this weekend. The weather here has been no ideal. Its been in the mid 80s but it has been stormy all week. Which basically just means that it is SO HUMID and it might right a little in the evening. Sometime it doesn’t even rain the storm clouds just hang around all day and make it miserable to go outside! Blah. Anyways wearing light breezy clothes is my jam for right now and probably all summer (who am I kidding haha.) 
Okay, happy Tuesday!
love, Carlee
Skirt: Macys
Tank: Target
Sandals: Toms.com

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  1. you look so hippie-is (and i mean that in the best way possible!)
    i love it!


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