Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Britts Donuts + the Beach

The beach might be one of North Carolina best assets! I think Nicholas Sparks got it right to base all his books on the North Carolina coast. It is beautiful! On Saturday, we headed down toward Wilmington and went to the Carolina Beach area which we have never been too before. I also heard GREAT things about Britts Donuts like they don’t have a bad review on Yelp or Google it’s nuts. We got donuts first thing and there was no line just a few people sitting at the counter. I was happy about this because I heard that the line can be around the block. We ordered a dozen donuts and 2 cups of milk. I would say that the milk isn’t worth getting. Its small and just kept in the fridge. Another than that though the donuts were great! They were very yummy and warm. 
After that we headed down to the beach to lay out on the sand and enjoy some time in the sun. I packed a lunch for us to take, which was 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches, watermelon, potato chips and water. It was very yummy. It was so hot out that once we got our towels laid out all I wanted to do was run into the ocean. The sand was so hot on my feet. 
One of the best parts was finding jelly fish in the water. We found 3 jelly fish that were white/clear. Clark touched one and said it didn’t sting, do only the pink ones sting? And the top doesn’t sting right. Clark was saying how he felt like Spongebob being a jelly fish catcher haha. It was pretty great. Really the only thing I know about jellyfish is from Finding Nemo or Spongebob. Probably not the best sorce of information haha. Also the Pelican behind us! How cool is he? Just chilling on the pier.
love, Carlee 

Swimsuit: American Eagle
Sunglasses:  Target
Hat: Redsox team store
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