Monday, June 15, 2015

Battalion family picnic

Last week on Thursday, Clark’s military battalion had a family picnic at Raven Rock State Park. It as midday and SO hot and humid! But it was really fun to hang out with people I already knew and meet Clark’s friends and wives that I didn’t know. We had hotdogs and hamburgers with chips, pop, brownies, and cheesecake! We threw the football with kids, played cornhole, and got to play with some doggies that were there.
After we ate we headed down on the trail to the river. We have been to Raven Rock State Park two other times. One to Linear Falls and the other to the actually Raven Rock. But this was the shortest trail down to the river and it was so awesome! There were really flat rocks that went almost all the way out in the river. Of course the guys couldn’t help but get out in the middle of the river and take a photo! Cause guys are still boys at heart haha.
But I am so excited to take Knox back there have play in the river with him. It was pretty shallow and there were lots of areas to lay out towels on rocks. It was just a very cool area and only .9 miles from the parking area so yeah not so bad. So next time Clark has a long weekend we are gonna go. It’s now one of the top things to do on my summer list!
love, Carlee

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  1. What a beautiful lake. Looks like a great time


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