Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wild Blackberries

The other day Knox and I ventured out to the foresty area behind our apartments and there are a ton of wild blackberries that are about to ripen. Back in Washington State on Whidbey Island there was always tons of wild blackberries in the summer, like everywhere! So it is fun to see them growing crazy wild here! I can’t wait until they ripen, I am gonna fill a big bowl and make mini blackberry pies.
It has been so hot here lately which I guess it so be expected I mean it’s June in North Carolina. We found a great river spot to go swimming and I am excited to take Knox with us at least one time this summer. We are also heading to the beach this weekend. I want to soak up as much NC stuff as possible this year before we leave for our next duty station. I would love to get over to the Asheville area but I also want to visit Tennessee so who knows what will get done hopefully we get in as many fun things as possible though! 
love, Carlee 
Romper & Sandals: Old Navy
Sunglasses: TJ Maxx


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