Sunday, August 11, 2013

Around the house, sweet tea, and outside.

1. Working on creating my work space and making it feel alive and helping me be creative. 2. Clark on his computer on our new couch. 3. Some beautiful flowers that Clark brought me some yesterday. 4. I made my first batch of sweet tea. 5-6. Painting. 7. Some birds flying overhead. 8. A butterfly. 9. We had some friends over that had a 2 year old girl and she was loving my work pace and fun stuff. 10. Been watching the Hills (Retro MTV Brunch) 11. Our big windows  bring in so much pretty natural light. 

I haven't updated my 365 in a while and I am not sure why! But here is a quick update. 
love, Carlee

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  1. What a beautiful work space! I also like the new look of the blog. I've been thinking of moving mine completely over to wordpress...but your new layout gives me hope that perhaps I could facelift my page first!


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