Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blog name change: The Little Sloth

I will be changing my blog name to Little Sloth. I have spent months (literally) trying to think of a name that I will love and be able to grow with and I just couldn't come up with anything I knew was ME. Then I started to think about how I didn't have one reserve about naming my shop Little Sloth because that was a nickname Clark had given me and it was totally ME.

So that is how I landed on naming my blog Little Sloth as well. This really has nothing to do with etsy shop although the design and name will be the same. The content will be basically the same as it has been. I'll just be blogging about my life.

I really love Almost Endearing and I have been super grateful and happy for all the followers I have and the people I have met. I never thought it would be so great to blog. But it truly is. I want to keep blogging of course because I really do love it. I just feel like I have been stuck in a rut and I feel limited with this blog.

I am not really sure why I feel this way. I know that I can post anything I want or say anything I want because it is my blog. But still I just feel limited in what Almost Endearing is. I want to share life with everyone and everything that includes. Whether it is my trips, style, recipes, everyday life, happy things, pretty stuff, photography, and life. 

I also want to get completely re-motivated in blogging. I really do love it. I still read my favorite blogs everyday and I look forward to reading so many blogs. But I have stopped commenting and interacting with everyone. It makes me sad that I have been unmotivated and stuck in a rut. 

I am making some big changes in my life lately. I finished my sophomore year of college at the University of Washington. I got married. I moved across the country. With so many changes in my real life. I feel like I need and want to make a change in my blogging life. That means a new blog name and a complete redesign.

Things will pretty much be the same around here. Post about life and other stuff along the way. Be prepared for the changes. And stuff will be under construct for a bit.
love, Carlee

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