Thursday, August 22, 2013

USS North Carolina

While in Wilmington we checked out the USS North Carolina Battleship. It was pretty cool actually. But to be honestly one thing I don't like is how much stuff cost to see. It cost Clark and I $10 dollars each to explore this ship. I guess I am sensitive to this because while I visited Washington DC last year we didn't have to pay for anything that was historical. We didn't have to pay to see the, donations were expected but you didn't feel like you were getting robbed to see history Smithsonian. Also in Boston we saw the USS Constitution battleship for free. 
Anyways, excuse my little rant. The ship was very cool. She fought in WWII and after the War the Navy was going to scrap for her parts but the citizens of North Carolina brought her back to NC were she now is preserved and a tourist action on the Cape Fear River in Wilmington. 
I can honestly say that I don't know how southern girls can look so cute and have cute hair in the dead of summer in the middle of the day. I just don't get it. Like at all. At this point in our trip, my hair was up in a messy bun and I had the least amount of clothes on as possible. Is that okay to say? Anyways, have a wonderful day. 
love, Carlee
Shorts: H&M
Tank: Forever 21
Sandals: Old Navy
Sunglasses: American Eagle

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  1. Haha the least amount of clothes possible huh? Awesome. I don't get the cute hair thing either, my hair gets SO frizzy in the humidity. But my skin loves it!
    That's neat that you got to tour a battleship. My Hubby and I toured one on our honeymoon in Hawaii. I'm pretty sure they charged us too.


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