Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Floral forest

I have been exploring around our apartment complex more and more. There is some great little secret trails in the foresty area. Clark and I also found a cool little stream that also acts as a storm drain, it is just like a fun secret place. We have had fun exploring our little area. I am also very excited to explore more of North Carolina and the South as a whole. We are actually headed to Myrtle Beach and then up the coast to Wilmington this weekend! I am so excited. 
I have been looking up things to do around our area on the weekends, places to go, and fun stuff. There are a couple county fairs we are going to go to in the fall, we are going to pick pumpkins, explore some waterfalls and covered bridges. We have also been going dancing every Friday night which is really fun. We pay 20 dollars and learn a dance, last weekend was the Swing and the week before that was the Cha Cha. Then after the lesson is over there is just a social dance. It has been so much fun getting out and meeting people in the community. I'll keep you updated on all our adventures.
love, Carlee
Sandals: DSW
Blouse and Shorts: Target


  1. i love your top here, so summery! that's so neat that this little area is right by your apartment, i wish there was this much nature right by me!

    lindsey louise

  2. great colors for summer girl! you look so happy! xo

  3. Love your beautiful sheer blouse, so beautiful!

    Xo, Hannah

  4. Really cool tee :) I love the print on it so much!

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