Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The ocean | Myrtle Beach

I really love the Ocean. I have been in the Atlantic before, last summer, when I took a trip with my family to the East Coast. But the Pacific is my home for sure. I do love the ocean though no matter which one it is. Well I haven't been to the Arctic or the Indian yet so maybe that isn't a far statement. 
We had the best time laying out and also swimming in the water. Does anyone else have a problem with salt getting into their eyes while in the ocean. I had this be a major problem and it hurt. Not so fun. We body surfed the waves and enjoyed the warm water of South Carolina. It was hard not to be in the water the entire vacation because of how hot and humid the south is. I am definitely not use to it at all yet... 
It is crazy how many people were there. I expected it but still. People from all over too. One girl in front of us was doing gymnastic moves in the sand. I first was worried she might hurt herself then I was so surprised and jealous she had that much body strength to do flips in the sand. So nuts. There were little children making sand castles (which I totally wanted to be doing), people skim boarding, one guy was even surfing, and lots of people just laying out. 

More to come from our vacation!
love, Carlee
Dress and Swimsuit: Macys
Bag: Old Navy
Sunglasses: American Eagle 


  1. Amazing dress! And lovely beach snaps. I'm craving a beach trip now!

    Helen at "Hels Yeah" xx

  2. Ooh, I totally know how you feel about not getting used to the heat! I lived in Mississippi for four months, and the heat during the summer was insane. We seriously didn't even go out until after 5pm, because it was just too hot! I do prefer Washington summers! The South has some gorgeous beaches, though! I love your dress, it's so perfect for the beach!
    Thank you for your comment on my guest post! I'm always excited to find people who are Washingtonians or were!

  3. Looks like you're having a great time! I LOVE going to beaches, unfortunately we don't have too many where we live :) I feel like I hardly got any sun this summer and remain as pale as ever haha. You dress is lovely and the rest of your pictures make me so happy! I totally agree... getting salt water in my eyes totally sting. It's not quite as uncomfortable as inhaling salt water though.. OUCH!

    Have a great time!!


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