Sunday, March 6, 2016

The last of the OBX (+ a video)

Just a few last photos from the OBX. We ended up watching the sunrise in the morning. The main reason was because I was up most of the night because Knox kept barking! About every hour he would bark and wake me up. He was just nervous about being in a new place and hearing strange noises. Who can blame him? Haha. I would be a little nervous to but I was to busy comforting my dog. The sunrise was at 6:30 so we headed outside around 6am and there was quiet a few others on the beach that early. And it was probably because the sunrise was SO BEAUTIFUL. There was only around 10-15 people on the beach but that was the most we saw at any point on the beach at one time.
After, we watched the sunrise we went back into the hotel and I tried to rest for a while. Around 9am we went back on the beach and played and played and played! It was so much fun and Knox had the best time. You should watch the video below to see a fun video of Knox having the best time ever! We also found some awesome shells. Although, I brought them home and bleached them but the seashells still smell or one still smells but I can't figure out which one it is. 
A rare photo of Knox actually sleeping at one point during the night at our hotel haha
I have a really good time taking videos and putting them together in iMovie. It is something really fun for me to do and keep me busy. Now I just want to go on more trips or vacations or adventures to film some things! Although I don't want to film constantly and not live in the present but it is a creative joy for me.

If you want to see Knox in video having the best time, this is the video for you haha. 
love, Carlee

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