Wednesday, March 16, 2016

One More Thing: B.J. Novak

This was a good book. 4 out of 5 stars I would give it. I have been wanting to read it for a while because B.J. Novak is the author and I basically love anything that has to do with The Office and he was a writer on the show The Office as well as the character Ryan. So funny. At first I thought this book was a memoir kind of like the Mindy Kaling books. But this book is actually fiction. Only discovered it was fiction because I found it in the library under F Novak. So I was now, mentally prepared for a fiction book. It was a fast read because it is a book filled with short stories. Some of the
stories we very funny and witty and some I didn't like so much but they were still entertaining. Now I wish he would write a memoir type book.

Read this book if you are a fan of B.J. Novak. It is funny. I am not sure if I would have picked up the book if I didn't know who the author was and I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if I didn't know who B.J. Novak was and like his work. So consider that if picking up this book.

Favorite short stories from the novel:

I Never Want to Walk on the Moon


The Man Who Invented the Calendar

Monster The Roller Coaster

Quantum Nonlocality and the Death of Elvis Presley

One of These Days, We Have to Do Something About Willie

If You Love Something

love, Carlee

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