Thursday, March 3, 2016

Currituck Beach Light

Knox and I went to the Outer Banks on Monday for a couple of days! It was awesome. I was planning on staying a couple nights but I saw it was going to rain on Wednesday so I decided just to stay one night and cram everything I wanted to do in 2 days. There isn't a ton to do on the Outer Banks that we haven't already done already from our other trips. But there are a couple things that I knew I wanted to see on the Outer Banks before we left North Carolina. And this was one of them! 
This was the last lighthouse I needed to see in North Carolina! I have been to all the others and I knew I wanted to check this one off my list as well. But it is kind of far out of the way. It is the most north eastern part of North Carolina and just a mile or so past the lighthouse the road just ends and turns into beach. It's pretty awesome. Anyways, this lighthouse wasn't open for viewing or climbing on the day I went. But I did climb the short wooden fence to get closer and get some better photos haha. 
After getting a closer look at the lighthouse. Knox and I went to the beach which was right across the street from the lighthouse entrance. And I got some great shots of the lighthouse from the beach. We walked around the beach and I let Knox run and run and run. He loved it! I loved it. I collected so many shells but more on the beach later! 
love, Carlee
Hat: Boston Team Shop
Tank Top: Old Navy 

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