Thursday, March 24, 2016

Disposable Camera || Roll 6

When it was snowing cats and dogs in Washington State when we were home for Christmas so of course we had to play in it. 
When Clark and his friends played in a video game tournament at NC State University. Yeah, my husband is a nerd haha. 
From when my family was in North Carolina visiting us. I love love love the color and look of the beach photos. 
The 5th best ice cream place in the world is Leopold's Ice Cream in Savannah GA. And this photo with Clark's thumb half covering is the only proof I have of the experience! SO GOOD. 
At Raven Rock State Park with my two favorite guys. 
Another disposable camera roll to share with y'all! This is actually a disposable film camera and not an app on my iPhone like the last two "rolls" have been. I love look of film photos even in the disposable camera sense. They just have a different feel to them and it is so cool that you take the photo and don't get to see if again until it gets developed. I know, revolutionary;) haha. I am currently working on another disposable camera roll but the flash stopped working so I basically have to make sure all my photos are take outside because there needs to be tons of light if not using a flash. Hopefully they turn out good still. Anyways, love these photos!
love, Carlee 

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