Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Date #1: Ceramic Painting

So if you read through my goals for the 24th year of my life you will know that one of them is to go on 10 new/unique dates with Clark. Obviously since we don't have kids or other major responsibility other than work. Every time we go out to the movies or dinner or something like that it feels like a date because technically it is. But this year I wanted to strive to do some different things that are fun and exciting and maybe get us out of our comfort zone a little bit.
One thing that I know I wanted to do again was go paint ceramics. Clark and I have only done this one other time. We first did it in Seattle about 4 year ago during December. We painted Christmas ceramics and for the last 3 years I have loved pulling them out and remembering the special little date we had. So I knew that I wanted to paint ceramics with Clark again. We looked up a place and went one Saturday to Just Claying Around here in Fayetteville NC. 
When we went in there was no one else there so we had the whole place to ourselves for a while. By the time we left though it was packed with people! I was so happy to see that there was Christmas stuff to paint because I have such fond memories of our first time doing it. And I love that I will be able to have Christmas stuff that is special to me and have memories behind it. 

Clark picked out a really big piece so it actually took us two days to finished our stuff! We started on Saturday but we had to go back on Sunday. We were both super into it though. It was a really fun time and I know that I am going to love these pieces forever. Our finished pieces below!
love, Carlee

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