Tuesday, March 1, 2016

50 MORE things you don't know about me

1. I was born on 2/12 (February 12th) and my older brother was born on 12/2 (December 2nd. So 2/12 and 12/2 pretty cool huh?

2. I really like Mambas! And at Target right now in the dollar section they have all 4 in one pack for a $1!!! So good.

3. I used head and shoulders shampoo, not for the dandruff fighting but for the smell! I love the smell.

4. I would love to build and live in a tiny house (maybe just a vacation lake house). Clark is not to keen on the idea haha.

5. My sister in law is a stewardess on a National Geographic cruise ship.

6. The only other country I have been to is Canada.

7. I like getting charicature done when we go on vacation.

8. I hate when the ice gets stuck at the bottom of the glass.

9. My favorite TV Shows right now are: Bob's Burgers, Ink Master, The Office, The Bachelor & MTV's the Challenge.

10. If I am going to drink soda it's mostly like gonna be orange soda or Dr. Pepper.  (But I don't really drink soda so it's a rarity.)

11. Clark gave me a stuffed animal sloth and I named him Sylvester.

12. My favorite sweats to wear at FeeJays! Clark got me both the pairs I have and I love them. Seriously go check them out. They are sweats with feet! #notanad

13. Every year since I can remember my mom and I make homemade Christmas truffles during the holidays. It is one of my favorite things ever.

14. I use my families Netflix login and Hulu and DirecTV and Dish to watch TV. Not all at the same time obviously but depending on what we want to watch. Also note, that the log ins are all from different family members so I am spreading out my mooching.

15. Currently reading Invisible Man.

16. I love the ice cream called Heavenly Hash but you can only find it in the South. (or at least in NC, not sure about the rest of the south but I know you can't find it in the Northwest. )

17. I hate the hiccups.

18. My go to meal at Red Robin is the Crispy Chicken Tender Salad without tomatoes and with gorilla strips and thousand island dressing.

19. Whenever I get food to go at a place and bring it home I still like eating with the plastic forks they give you instead of my own silverware at home. So weird right?

20. Clark and I got a stuffed Shark from Ikea for Knox and we named him Theodore.

21. I am currently LOVING homemade brownies! Favorite dessert right now.

22. My favorite celebrity to follow on Insta is Taylor Swift. 

23. I am an aquarius which I don't really care about unless I buy a magazine and read the
horoscope in the back. 

24. Currently binge watching The Hills and Girls. 

25. I love crinkle french fries. 

26. I hate when people one up other people in conversation. When someone is like "I ran a 10K this weekend and had my best time." and the other person is like "Nice. I did a 10k once and  it was all up hill and my finishing time was 8 minutes." Okay so that's an exaggeration but you get it. 

27. My favorite number is 12

28. Clark and I have this secret way of promising each other. We have two responses depending on the situation. 

29. I love using Google Flights and Google Flights Explorer to search for flights even just for fun. 

30. My favorite social media platform is Instagram 

31. I hate when people talk politics on Facebook. 

32. My middle name is Rose. 

33. I hardly ever wear earrings although I have 2 holes in each ear. 

34. My favorite and only candle flavor I buy is vanilla or french vanilla. 

35. I wear a size 9 shoe. 

36. When I am trying to follow directions in the car I have to turn the music down. 

37. I was voted most likely to succeed for senior superlatives in high school. 

38. I am not a huge fan of seafood. I like fish and chips and clam crowder but thats about it. I am always down to try anything though.

39. I used to love horror movies and now not really at all. 

40. I owned a Luke Perry ken doll growing up. You know Luke Perry from 90210?

41. I always love eating breakfast for dinner. 

42. I have always love watching baseball and I can even keep an official baseball scorebook. 

43. I only eat box mac and cheese if its Kraft and the shapes. (you know the limited edition characters they do sometimes)

44. I like short nails. I don't like long nails on me and I don't really think they look good on anyone. 

45. If I am at a casino my favorite games to play are roulette, black jack, and Texas hold em. I hate slot machines. 

46. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people are late. 

47. I can't really walk in heels although I haven't really tried very hard and I am 5'9 so I don't really need high heels. 

48. I get pretty paranoid about getting sunburnt so I wear lots of sunscreen. 

49. I still have notes saved from high school. 

50. One of my favorite movies when I was young was Peter Pan but the one with the woman playing Peter Pan. This one.

View my first 50 things you don't know about me. Now there are 100 random facts about me here on the blog!
love, Carlee 

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