Thursday, March 17, 2016

Purple petals

I will not stop with the floral bloom photos until I have to or until Clark stops being a good sport about me asking him to take photos. But he is a good guy so that isn't going to happen. I won't stop for anything well until the flowers fall of the trees and everything turns green. I love the green as well though. I know spring will be over and gone so soon this year, it was almost 90 degrees today. Which is crazy for March even for North Carolina. I was honestly thinking "man I could get into the pool today and it would feel refreshing. And it's March!" 
We took these photos on Sunday evening. Clark started Whole30 on Monday (I am mostly doing it too but not so strict so technically not) so we had one more cheat meal and we got Red Robin to go. (I know, I know so damn fancy of us. haha.) Clark was craving their chicken strips. We also got milkshakes and I got a chocolate one and while we were driving home I set the cup down on my skirt and the bottom had chocolate milkshake on it and it got all over my skirt. Which I did not like. But I got the stains out! I feel like a real adult now that I can get a chocolate stain out. 
I know that I took photos with this same tree two years ago and I found the post. And just look - this tree was blooming mid April two years ago! So much proof that this year is record breaking warm. Okay, I will stop talking about the weather. Well at least for now, I can't promise anything for next post ;)
love, Carlee
Tank: America Eagle
Sandals: Target 
Skirt: Old Navy
Jean Vest: Forever 21

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