Friday, March 11, 2016

Disposable Camera || Roll 5

I still LOVE Disposable Cameras! I know I haven't shared a photos from a disposable camera since last August so it really has been like 7 months which is crazy. But honestly, I really do take my sweet time when it comes to taking photos with a disposable camera. So these photos were actually taken with an app on my iPhone called Disposable Camera App by Photojojo (it is no longer a running app.) The last photos I shared from this series were from the White Album app also a disposable camera app on the iPhone. I thought that it would be fun to do the project with the app on my phone because I always have my phone with me so I will likely take more photos. Well I did and I didn't. Its funny because even with the app on my phone it look by about 6 months to get through 27 exposures just like on a regular disposable camera. So with these apps you open the app and it opens the camera and you take a photo and you don't get to see it until it is developed just like actual film photos. Unlike film photos they have the look of iPhone photos which is okay. But part of the reason I do like the disposable camera is because of the look of the photos. So after this round I am back to taking photos with an actually disposable camera which I am excited about. I actually have film it that is being developed right now so the timing on these photos and the film photos will over lap a little. But I am excited to get those back and share them within the next week or two. 
These three photos are from our time in St. Croix last August. I love the first photo of Clark sitting on the dock!
Both of these photos are from Diary Queen. It turns out I like pulling out my disposable camera or app while at Dairy Queen haha.
From two different walks with Knox.
This photo is from Clark's birthday when I bought him a bunch of balloons and had them in the car in the morning as a surprise!
This photos was taken in October when we were helping our friends rack leaves before we had a Halloween party at their house.
Clark being super silly as always before going to the movies.
This might be my favorite photos from the whole pack. This is Clark's regular barber and while Clark is making a really silly face. I think it will be nice to have this photo and remember the barber that Clark saw for three years while we were here in Fayetteville.
And a silhouette of my mom at Christmas time.

Now, the quality of these photos don't look so good because they are photos of the photos and also because they are more matted paper and not glossy photo paper which I don't really like. One good thing about the disposable camera app on phones is that mostly all of the photos turn out pretty good. Where as with an actually film camera it can take a while to know how much like you need or when to use flash. But that is apart of the charm as well.
love, Carlee

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