Friday, March 4, 2016

Jockey's Ridge State Park + Duck Donuts

This might have been my favorite thing we did on the Outer Banks. I was actually thinking about not going because I didn't get much sleep the night before from Knox barking a lot at people walking by. This was the last stop we were going to make before heading home on Tuesday but then I was like ugh I don't know if it will be worth it. But I am so glad I stopped and it was totally worth it! The park was much bigger than I expected and there was no one in sight in the park but me and Knox. I know there were others there because of the cars in the parking lot.
At first you just walk into the trees and follow the signs to the sand dunes. You walk for a while and you will see a bunch of foot prints going up a hill. So I followed those and they lead me to these awesome dunes. There was no one else up there and so I let Knox off the leash and we ran and ran! As seen in the video from yesterday. After a little bit I saw some people in the far distance coming up the hill so I put Knox back on the leash and we went to the fair said of the sand dunes and sat so that way we weren't in the peoples way. 
Unfortunately instead of making a bee line toward the dunes they came right by us and then over. It was unfortunate because Knox got really excited when the little kids came near and the moms were talking really loud saying "that is a crazy dog. don't go near him." obviously I didn't want there kids near us but I was mad that the parents were talking shit and I moved out of your way and they walked right near us anyways. It was dumb. Especially since they went to where I thought they would go in the first place.  Moral of the story don't talk shit about my people or dogs or anyone I love. 
We also went to Duck Donuts in Kill Devil Hill because no trip to the Outer Banks is complete without a trip to Duck Donuts. Duck Donuts was founded in Duck NC. They make such good donuts. The fry them up fresh right in front of you and then dip them in the chocolate and sprinkle the toppings on. It is so yummy! I really love the warm cinnamon sugar donuts and if you heat them up for 8-10 seconds in the microwave it's like they came out hot and fresh just like they do when you first buy them. The Outer Banks of NC are really a special place and you should totally visit if you ever get the chance. 
love, Carlee
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