Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My first quilt!

I made my first quilt! So my mom got me a sewing machine for my birthday in mid February. It was a total surprise but I was very excited about it. Because sewing is one of the crafts that I have never dived into. I was nervous to dive into it because I know absolutely nothing about sewing and sewing machines! Like zero. So I spent a lot of time on Youtube and even Googleing what certain terms where like bobbin? haha. I was trying to use my instruction manual to just set things up and it was so hard to do anything because I had no idea what the language was. But I learned and the more I practiced it, I know I will get better and better. I am excited of the progress I have already made.
I chose a really simple pattern to start with because hello first quilt. I pinned some patterns and this one seemed simple enough. The main reason I did this one was because I didn't want to do squares because I was worried that it might not line up perfectly because I was so new at sewing. I chose Easter prints that way I can pull the quilt out every spring and enjoy my first quilt! I like holiday themed stuff so this was fun. It was also really fun to pick out patterns that went together. I wish someone I knew was having a baby so I could make them a baby quilt.
I watched this video all the way through and re-watched certain parts over and over to get started with my first quilt because like I said I really didn't know where to start. It was really helpful for doing the strips for the binding and then the binding itself.
The only regret I have is choosing a striped pattern for the back. Because I sewed along the striped seams on the front and I thought that everything matched up good but I was a tiny bit off. So the seams on the back are a little off from the stripes. But now I know to choose a solid color or a simple pattern. That way my seams don't matter on the back side. I am also having a little trouble with the tension of my thread. I go for sometime and it is perfectly fine and then there will be a missing loop on the back. It is frustrating but I just need more practice I think and to learn more about the machine it self. But this was a good starter piece and I am really happy with it!

It should also be noted that this is not a tutorial of any kind but just me sharing something I made that I am proud of! Have a wonderful Tuesday.
love, Carlee

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