Sunday, March 3, 2013

goofy, horizontal, state

365 photography project. 56-62. Another week down. I really look forward to the end of the week and collecting my photos from the week to put on these posts. It makes me think back to what was important/funny/nice/interesting about the past week. So this first photo was one that I had sent Clark asking him if he was the person that thought I was wonderfully mysterious. He said yes and then I get a photo from him and he asks me how I would like it if he parted his hair in the middle. I just laughed, I think he is so funny. But then again I am probably bias. 
Other little things that happened this week. I made some homemade business cards and thank you cards for Little Sloth so when I package up cards I have a little something extra to add. I also received my official horizontal licenses in the mail! I feel 21 finally. 
The weather was raining pretty much all weekend but there was a couple of sun break throughs on different days and I had to get outside and snap a pretty shot. I also drove to Yakima this weekend and watched my hometown girls basketball team play in the state championships. They won. 1st in the state. I played basketball in high school and the furtherest we ever made it was 4th, it was fun to watch and these girls definitely deserved it. I hope everyone has a wonderful relaxing Sunday and gears up for the week ahead. I know I am. 
love, Carlee


  1. You're such a gorgeous girl! I'm so glad I've discovered your blog =) Those business cards look so awesome! I wanted to share my giveaway with you =D You could win a super cute floral maxi dress from Modmint! I'd love for you to enter! =D

  2. yay on being twenty one! Your ID is so much nicer looking than Ohio's. Jealous. And the cards look great!

  3. Just came by from the GFC Collective. You're business cards are adorable! And happy belated 21st birthday :-)

  4. Hello from the blog hop! Your business cards for your etsy shop came out so cute! They don't even look like you made them yourself- looks like they were ordered!


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