Sunday, March 17, 2013

New and old

365 project. 70-76. My photos are definitely laking a little bit this week. But that is okay because the photos were still taken and my project will go on. I think this upcoming week will be better. I get to fly down on Friday to Georgia and see Clark for the weekend. I will be taking my camera and taking some awesome photos. Hopefully. Then again I might be to busy catching up with my man. 

This first photo is from the new app imadeface. When I first saw the app, I thought it took a photo of your face and made it into a cartoon. Turns out you just start from scratch and make a cartoon face. It is still pretty fun. I think this would be totally me, if only I had bangs. Maybe I should get bangs. Then again maybe not. 

My friends and I went to another gymnastics meet this week. It was awesome as usual. Laundry day and cleaning day before finals so I am ready to go home for spring break next week! A photo of the cutest couple ever. I sent this photo to Clark and said "I want this to be us." I want to grow old with the man I love and be arm and arm walking with my love. But I mean who doesn't want that. And I will definitely enjoy being young and in love because someday I don't want to be old and wishing I was young and in love again.

My family got a new puppy. I haven't seen the cute little guy in person yet and I hope he doesn't grow to much in the next two weeks until I get to see the little guy. I was at Hobby Lobby and saw this furniture set and thought my family would all just die if I bought this for my first furniture set. Don't worry, not going to happen. The last photo is the view from my bed this morning. 
love, Carlee 


  1. The puppieeessss! I can't get over the cuteness.

  2. The face app is so much fun! I love weekly photo round ups. I need to not be lazy and start doing them.

  3. That furniture set is the cutest thing! I would love it, lol. And I want a puppy. Simply darling.



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