Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's starting to look like spring

365 project. 63-69. This is my 10th week doing this project. Still love it and still going strong. 
Spring is definitely on the way even for us folks here in Seattle WA. You know, where it is supposed to rain constantly. Well the weather this week was beauitful. Except one day of constant rain. Other then that it was so pretty. Here you will see a morning walk to the post office, a new pair of boots I got on sale at Target for $10.48!! Moss growing on the stairs and everywhere else here in the Pacific North West. I think it is absolutely beautiful. 

New favorite cardigan, it is the best color ever. More sun and pine needles. My best friend and I taking a bus ride to get some much needed pizza and apple pies on a lovely Saturday. And a cute little trail in the ivy that grows everywhere here on campus! 
Have a wonderful Sunday,
love, Carlee


  1. I saw pollen on my car this morning and my neighbors probably thought i was having an attack but i did my happy dance. I never thought i'd do that. I woke up this morning and me & my best friend went downtown & i took a bunch of pictures. I can't wait to get the post up. I hope your having a great weekend.


  2. love the pictures. glad that you'll get some sunshine through your window soon.


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