Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pale pink

I wore this outfit to a meeting with my future boss for my job this summer. I am going to be a lifeguard again this summer. My third summer in a row. It will be fun and I will make good money and work full time so its all good. This outfit is very similar to an outfit that I wore while in Georgia this past weekend. The only thing different is the shirt. I choose a forest green shirt this time instead of a black one that I wore in Georgia. Anyways this is a typical outfit for me. 
I am loving these pale pink pants. I got them at Target a couple of weeks ago on sale for 15 dollars. I always love going to Target. If you go through their sales rate you can usually find some great stuff. I found a these great pants, some boots, and a pretty teal maxi skirt. 

Like the little pup in the background on the last photo? That is my families new puppy Apollo. He is 3/4 Rottweiler and 1/4 Black Lab. He is just so cute and so sweet. He is going to grow up and be so big. My mom is excited to have a big dog around the house again. You will see more of this little guy in the next few post. I am on spring break and loving seeing my family and being home.
love, Carlee 
Pants and Coats: Target
Boots: Cathy Jean 


  1. I love the color of these pretty!

  2. soo cute, love the trees in the background!

  3. The pants are so pretty! And the little pup's adorable too! :)
    Morgan at

  4. I love the color of the pants! I wish I could have a pair of pants in a bright color but I have a black dog with semi-long hair, so - out of the question.
    Cute pup in the background! ^^

  5. lovely post! always enjoy seeing what you are up to and the cute new addition to the family! i am adding you on instagram for more photos of him lol


    P.S. Since google reader might be going down I am following you on Bloglovin now. Come by and follow me too;)

  6. target's a fun store to shop and i bet you will enjoy being a lifeguard again

  7. Great pictures, love your pants! That puppy is so adorable!!


    Kristina does the Internets

  8. These pants are beautiful on you. Being a lifeguard sounds AWESOME! I wish I could swim.


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