Monday, July 7, 2014

American Tobacco Campus

If you read my post from yesterday you know that we spent the 4th of July in Durham. Before we actually went to the baseball game we checked out downtown Durham. We didn’t eat lunch before we left our apartment and by the time we got to Durham Clark was really hungry. So we headed for downtown Durham to eat at Bull City Burger. Unfortunately they were closed, maybe because it was July 4th but literally right across the street was Monuts Donuts (awesome name) and I was like “who cares if we haven’t eaten lunch, let’s get a donut” and Clark didn’t object. After eating a couple of donuts (we got chocolate with sprinkles, chocolate cake, and maple bourbon bacon donuts) we made our way to the American Tobacco Campus where I knew there would be some good dining options. 
We ended up eating at Tyler’s Restaurant and Taproom. I had the mac and cheese and Clark had the fish tacos. We sat outside and enjoyed watching the people. There is also this awesome manmade creek/ stream running through the campus with some little waterfalls here and there and pretty gardens and landscape around it. It is really pretty. Most of the campus has lights strung overhead and there is plenty of seating in chairs and on the grass just to relax. 
Once we ate and walked around a bit more it was time to head into the ballpark. So we went back to our car first, I put on my Durham Bulls shirt and Clark threw on his ball cap and we were ready to watch some baseball and fireworks. I loved the American Tobacco Campus, it was really well tended to and very lovely. If your in the Durham area check it out, especially if your hungry. You will find something good to eat. 
love, Carlee

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  1. i love these pictures!!!!
    i love how you guys are always exploring new things!! (:
    happy 1 year anniversary.
    here's to many more!



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