Monday, July 28, 2014

Kalawi Farms and Ben’s Ice Cream

On Saturday, Clark and I took a little road trip to Kalawi Farms and Ben’s Ice Cream. They have the best roadside peach stand and homemade ice cream stand. I actually discovered this place in a 2011 Our State NC magazine that I was reading at Clark’s Barbershop while I was waiting for Clark to get his hair cut. I am very glad I came across the article because this fruit stand was awesome. It was about 45 minutes away from our apartment but we made it a fun little road trip out of it. 
Once we got there, the place was hopping. There were about 10 cars and a line for the homemade ice cream. We searched around for the best peaches and asked which ones were the sweetest. Which was the Win Blo. They also had a great little station set up where you could try all the different peaches that were available for sale. We decided on the Win Blo peaches and bought a box of about 20 peaches for 9 dollars. The people were very helpful. I actually didn’t know about all the different types of peaches so I was glad that the people could help out and also the sample stations was awesome! 
After we bought the peaches we put them in the car and made our way to Ben’s Homemade Ice Cream. There were lots of different homemade flavors, Peach, Cherry, Blueberry, Karmel Krunch, Cookie Dough, Vanilla, Cookies and Cream... Clark and I both decided on the peach ice cream made with the peaches grown right there at Kalawi farms. Clark got it in a bowl and I got the homemade waffle cone. We sat outside and enjoyed our ice cream in the warm summer breeze. If you are traveling on Hwy 211 near Eagle Springs I recommended checking this place out. During the summer the lady said there were open from 8am-8pm everyday. But I would recommend calling to find the specific hours. 

This outfit is perfectly lightweight for a trip in the car. I also love this lace tank. I lost my favorite lace tank, last pictured here, I must have left it at the hotel in Charleston SC. And although this tank is different I like it a lot. I especially love the details on the neckline. 
love, Carlee
Shorts: Old Navy
Sandals: Gap
Tank: Target

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