Monday, July 14, 2014

Will’s Grill

Clark came home from work one day last week and was raving about these pretzel bun burgers and sandwiches that someone had brought into work. And then he said “Google pretzel bun burgers Fayetteville NC.” So I did and Will’s Grill popped up and Clark said that’s it. So we decided that we were going to go to Will’s Grill on Saturday and eat these awesome sandwiches. I am glad we made that decision because they were so good. I had a regular cheeseburger (although not on the menu they do just have a regular cheeseburger) and Clark had the bacon double cheeseburger and we both it on the signature pretzel bun and we both had french fries. When we got there we walked up to the counter and ordered our food and then chose our seat (they even had outside seating) and when our food was ready the girl brought it to us. (You can also get food to go)
Highlights of Will’s Grill:
-Local burger joint. You will only find this place in Fayetteville NC! (for now)
-Good variety of food: burgers, sandwiches (including egg salad #yum) hotdogs, and salads.
-The service was great. The girl behind the counter came to refill our drinks and take our baskets when we were done.
- Plenty of seating inside and outside but not to big.
- The signature pretzel bun. They definitely have the WOW factor.

After eating at Will’s Grill (when we were done we were totally stuffed) we headed to the movies for the matinée showing. We saw Tammy, it wasn’t the best movie. But I laughed a few times and didn’t have super high expectation so it was good. Lately, it seems that I have not been into any of the new movies that are coming out.
This was a great outfit comfy and cute and I really liked it. Probably because it has one more element then just dress and shoes. This dress I have had for a few years but don’t seem to wear it hardly at all. I actually don’t wear dresses that often but I have been trying to more because well I want to so here is outfit number 3 with a dress. The top I got at TJ Maxx the other day for $20 and at first I was worried that I would seem to cowgirlish. (I think I would also have to be wearing plaid and boots to make that happen) But I really like how this outfit came together and it was super comfortable which basically is a need for all my outfit or else I will not be wearing it. Happy Monday!
love, Carlee
Dress: old (Macy’s I think)
Shirt: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Old Navy


  1. You are seriously the cutest!! Love this simple outfit for a fun night out! :)
    xo TJ


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