Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Taking Stock| 02

Making : an effort to cross some things off my to do list today.
Cooking : this muffin meatloaf recipe. (so yummy)
Drinking : fruit smoothies.
Reading: awesome blogs like Foreign Room , Brilliantly Kate, and Sometimes Gracefully
Wanting: to start writing to pen pals. If your interest comment below and we can exchange addresses!
Looking: forward to a BBQ and pool party we have planned for this weekend.
Playing: Yahtzee with Clark in the evenings and winning...
Deciding: where we should go camping in August or if we should go...
Wishing: my sleeping pattern was normal.
Enjoying: the cooler air that the rain brings.
Waiting: for the mail man to arrive. He has a box of cherries from WA from my dad’s cherry orchard. (photo above)
Liking: that I already know what Clark, Knox, and I are gonna be for Halloween (it’s a surprise)
Wondering: what I should get people for Christmas (already....)
Loving: the show House of Cards. We are currently almost through season 2 on Netflix
Pondering: where to find the best BBQ joint in North Carolina (hello pulled pork and hush puppies)
Considering: refreshing my ‘Explore’ feed on Instagram every second because I find awesome things/people. #thanksinstagram
Watching: The Office. Just watched the finale... wondering if it is acceptable to already start over.
Hoping: to someday take another cross country road trip but this time along route 66
Marveling: at my Fitbit Flex, keeping my motivated one step at a time.
Needing: to find another good show on Netflix. Any recommendations?
Smelling: freshly baked homemade cookies almost every night. (oatmeal chocolate chip)
Wearing: husbands oversized t shirts
Following: through with July intentions.
Noticing: how frogs come out around our apartment complex past 10pm.
Knowing: that Knox is the best dog. And sleeping on the couch next to me right now.
Thinking: is was a good idea to order in pizza last night to break up the mundane.
Feeling: determination to get inspired and stay inspired.
Admiring: people who follow there dreams even when it’s not the popular opinion
Buying: a bunch of pretty washi tape from Target.
Getting: ready to make new blog buttons for this here blog of mine.
Disliking: the smell of the air outside. There has been a 2 day cloud cover making the air smell stale.
Opening: the box of cherries from WA just arrived! (Photo above)
Giggling: at the movie That Awkward Moments (rented from Redbox last night)
Feeling: good that I got to the end of this blog post. 


  1. im interested in being pen pals! (:
    im currently doing it with 2 other people and its so much fun!


  2. I have never watched a full episode of The Office. Everyone says how funny it is though. I'm craving cherries after this post! :)

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  4. Thanks so much for the mention Carlee! I really, really appreciate it and love reading your blog as well!



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