Saturday, July 12, 2014

Because I never shared any wedding photos

As you know Clark and I celebrated our one year anniversary last Saturday and when I posted our first year anniversary photos I asked if you all would like to see photos from our wedding last year because I never shared any. (You said Yes!) So here are the photos and now let me tell you about our wedding day.

Clark and I got married in Eastern Washington in our home town of Brewster, WA. We had about 3 weeks to put it all together because we knew we walked to get married last summer but being on Army time and schedule we didn’t know when that would be possible. We got the go ahead for July 5th because Clark got a long weekend for 4th of July and could fly home from North Carolina. Our wedding ceremony was held on a golf course. Since we living in such a small town we are old family friends with the owners of the golf course and asked them he we could have our wedding ceremony there and they said sure! The golf course isn’t actually finished, they have only finished 3 holes and ours ceremony was held on the finished home by the pond and we were luck and didn’t have to pay anything, which was awesome. We wanted to keep our wedding ceremony really small because I didn’t want it to feel like I was preforming for a bunch of people. So we only have about 40 people at the ceremony (close family and friends only). Then invited more people to the reception and had about 150 people at the reception, because well the party is the most important part anyways. I am so glad we did it this way. 
We had the reception at my Dad’s house in our back yard and it was definitely the best decision we made. It was one big party and totally chill and low key. We rented a dance floor, tables and chairs, and hired a DJ. My mom helped so much and also made our wedding cake. She actually made wedding cakes for a living when she was younger and so it was the obvious choice. I wanted to keep in simple so we just had 2 layers and relaxed frosting and banana nut was the top layer and carrot cake for the bottom. It was delicious. 
We spent the rest of the night dancing and taking really fun photos in the photo booth. I would definitely recommend getting a photo booth it’s a lot of fun and something else for your guest to do. Be warned though you won’t have much time to do it yourself. I never realized how busy I would be at my own wedding. People to visit with that came from out of town or people you have seen in forever that you want to talk with. The time goes by really fast and it doesn’t seem like I had enough time to do it all. But the most important thing was I got to marry my best friend and have a really good time doing so. 
One of the decisions that we made was to not have Clark wear his ASU’s for our wedding. I don’t mind the look of the ASU’s but I personally didn’t want to look back at our wedding photos in 25 years and be like ‘oh yeah you were in the military when we got married.’ I wanted it to look as normal as possible so Clark is in a tux. Another thing I kept really simple was my wedding dress. I wanted it to be light and flowy and not feel stiff. I ended up trying wedding dresses on at J Crew and David’s Bridal and I really liked the J Crew dresses more because they were more of a simple feel although I didn’t really like any of the cuts of shapes they had to offer. I ended up ordering 2 dresses from Ann Taylor wedding and trying them on at home and returning the one I didn’t choose (this is my wedding dress and this is the one I didn’t choose). I know this probably seems like a really weird way to choose a wedding dress but I wasn’t to awfully worried about The Dress so it was perfect for me and the dress was just what I wanted... light, comfortable, and beautiful. 

So these are just my favorite photos from our wedding day. There were tons more but I figured I would pair it down for this blog post. Also the faces in some of the photos seem to be a little redder on the computer then they are in the really photos so I don’t know what that it about. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of our wedding day.
love, Carlee


  1. Absolutely lovely!!! Your wedding dress is soo gorgeous....I'm so glad you decided to share your wedding photos!!

  2. beautiful photos! yes yes you should share them , and I am glad you are sharing them...

  3. You look glowing in your wedding pictures! Happiness really brings out the best and most beautiful within every bride. I think that is very magical. I love that the dress is simple, yet really looks divine. Thank you so much for sharing those wonderful pictures of the most important moments of your lives. I wish you all the best!

    Stephen Young @ Pixcellence


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