Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Project 365: June

For my 365 project this year my theme is: Clark and I or us. It is crazy to think that we are halfway done with this year already. This project has been really fun to do and look back on and see how Clark and I have changed in just 6 short months and also see all the fun things we have done together. I am definitely glad I am keeping this up and at this point I don’t feel burnt out at all. I am glad I picked a subject for my 365 project that I actually wanted to have photographs of (and keep), it makes the project so much easier. 

While May was the month of taking evening walks to go get ice cream, June was the month of relaxing by the pool and taking a vacation to Charleston and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. June is also the month of some of my favorite photos to date of Clark and I. I can’t wait to do a round up of my favorite photos from this project at the end of the year. 

1. Forgot to take a photo during the day so night sleeping photo it is. 
2. Walking to Rite Aid to pick up my first roll of disposable camera photos. 
3. Pool day.
4. Outfit post photos. 
5. Another pool day... I really don’t think you can have too many.
6. Walking before the big race. 
7. Finished the 10K and enjoying some popsicles. 
8. Pizza date because we deserved it for running 6 miles. 
9. Even on Mondays, lounging by the pool is a great idea. 
10. One of my favorite photos ever. Our heads weren’t suppose to be cut off but that is how the picture turned out and I secretly love it.
11. This is our “we can’t wait to go on vacation” faces. 
12. A fun night at the Florida Georgia Line and Nelly concert.
13. At the Battery in Charleston Sc.
14. Just finished eating at Lulus Cafe in Myrtle Beach, SC.
15. Walking the boardwalk- Myrtle Beach
16. Sweet tea for him and water for me.
17. Home sweet home. We missed our dog. 
18. Almost forgot to take a pic photo. 
19. Clark and I went to the commissary and had lunch together. It was really nice actually. We never have lunch together during the week so it was a fun change.
20. Evening run.
21. Having a chill Saturday on the couch.
22. Headed down to the river after dinner.
23. “Let’s take a photo in front of the big window.”
24. Walk. Storm Drain. Knox.
25. Running.
26. Watching MTV’s the Challenge season finale.
27. Outfit post.
28. Bowling date. Celebrating my husband because he passed his promotion board with flying colors.
29. Dog park day. 
30. Letting Knox run around before the Bachlorette. 

June was good. Now onto July. 
love, Carlee


  1. I did (*attempted*) this project last year. Even though I probably only remembered to take pictures 80% of days, I love looking back on these now. These of you two look so sweet! Best of luck in finishing the next 6 months of the project!

  2. I admire you so much for taking this on! Photos are a huge thing for me to remember wonderful moments (especially those with my boyfriend). Good luck finishing!

    I'm new to the blog world: https://sincerelyalaska.blogspot.com/

  3. I love saving memories with photos, I just find that I never remember to take one every day. This post makes me want to give it another go though, good luck with the rest of your photos!


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