Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Down by the river

Over the weekend we headed over to Arnette Park to enjoy the river and let our dog play a little bit. The park is actually really nice. There is sports fields, bbq and picnic areas, a frisbee golf course which we have actually played with our friend before, and a trail down to the river. It has been really hot and humid here so it sounded like something fun to do, so we went after dinner. Once we got down there the shore was really muddy. I took off my shoes so I could walk in the water and it was so muddy my feet sunk in a good 6-12 inches. 
Although I wasn’t a big fan of the muddy water, Knox didn’t seem to mind. He was digging in the muddy for the tree roots and we got some pretty funny videos of him doing so. At first I thought it might be something that was alive.. like a water snake. I read that there are water moccasins in the Cape Fear River and I was a little nervous but we were okay and we didn’t come up on any snakes. Just a lot of mosquitos, once again I forgot the bug spray. 
These are strictly iPhone photos and edited color and lighting a little in Photoshop. Have you heard of the iPhone app TimerCam? It is a self timer camera app for your phone. The photos of both Clark and I are taken with TimerCam. Check it out if you haven’t. Once we got home we had to give Knox a bath because he was so muddy. He actually doesn’t really mind taking a bath. When he was a baby he hated it. But now, after he gets really muddy or dirty (usually from playing at the dog park) he knows he has to take a bath. Once we get him in the bathroom he will usually jump in the bath tub on this own. I am sure he is thinking “let’s get this over with.” 

I am excited for the long weekend. 
love, Carlee

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